Know How to Play the Game

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Playing the game of life on Earth is trivial for some of us. There’s a winner and a loser in every game. The Earth has a lot of games to play. Sometimes, it can be a matter of life and death. Some will try striving for their best just to finish and be successful in every game.

Life is full of miserable and happy games. The game itself can be your teacher for your future attempts. You can learn from every game of your life. But sometimes we fail.  That’s why some people attempt suicide. That’s so sad of course! But they don’t remember that it’s just a game of life! It’s just a game!

To be equipped, they have to study and learn the rules, tricks, schemes of the game. There are tests to pass. There are trials to overcome. There are temptations to resist. There are some ideas to memorize.  There are goals to win.  There are missions to make. There are people who become your friends and some become your enemies. But again, remember that it’s just a game of life!

Don’t make your life focusing on these games. You can try but how can you focus on these if there were different kind of games to play. You can not give attention simultaneously to all these games. You can do it one step at a time. You can finish one game, then move to another one. But again, focusing your whole life to these games can ruin your life and make you confused. As a result, you’ll depend on your abilities and tend to make your own move and directions for their solutions. Sometimes you’ll be lost. Some will succeed it but not contented.

As stated before, the game of life is trivial! It has a key to fix this puzzle. The key that will help overcome your anxieties, bless you more, strengthen yourself, and bring your confidence on these games. And what is this key?

Consider your life on earth as a game. This game will test your character. You’ll be playing games that will test your faith. The key for the said puzzle is our Lord Jesus Christ. Just focus your whole life to Him, the rest will be given to you. He will ease your burden and help you play games well. He’s allowing these games of yours just to remember that there is God that you can depend on!


Do you know your GOD?

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My God is our father. He was yesterday, today, and forever. He will be our forever Father. The Good news is if you let our God be your Father then you have the luxury to be his sons and daughters. So, if you consider yourself as His son, you must know Him exactly who HE was.

We will not be here if we don’t have our biological father, our parent. On the time you were born in this world, you were a blessing to your father. As you live with your father, you will soon know his attitudes, traits, and the so-called his hidden personal character. We will know if he was angry with us. We will also know if what he can do to you. We can know what he can give, help, and advice to you. In times of troubles, we can depend on him and ask his advice. We can be his friends. You can also tell your personal problems and wishes to him. He had ideas about your dreams and ambitions in life. If both of you are so close, you will probably know his dislikes and likes.

The problem with some of us is that we don’t know who was exactly our God. If you choose Him as your Father, you must know Him the way you know your biological father. His attitudes, traits, works, miracles, and power were not mysterious to you anymore. He revealed it to you on the time you accepted him as your personal Father.

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Truly Amazing (Spider-Man)

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Yesterday was a mix of bad and good events. I planned to watch movie and I was choosing between The Amazing Spiderman and Rock of Ages. I asked the opinion of my brother whether the Amazing Spiderman is worth the money to watch. He said that he will not waste his time watching that movie because he thought that the first sequel of Spiderman is almost the same with that the latter one. My friend, whom I have also asked, also believed that my brother’s opinion was true. She was not also favoring the Spiderman movie.

I am biased with Spiderman because the other Spiderman Film Series has not disappointed me. All Spiderman movies were box office hits. They were one of the most-watched marvel superheroes movies behind to the Marvel’s The Avengers.  This made him the most famous marvel superhero. To stop all heresays and confusions, I searched all the reviews of the movie. According to Rotten Tomatoes, the movie got a positive reviews. I have also watched the trailer for me to have some clues on how the story could end up to.



After watching the movie, it turned out that the story was way different to the first Spiderman movie. I was expecting that someone will say the famous line “great power comes great responsibility” but it did not happen. I was attentively watching the movie the whole time. They’ve made it interesting by adding  the so-called untold stories of the creation of Spiderman. The 3D effects also made the movie superlative. To end, watching The Amazing Spiderman movie was truly amazing!

Remembering the 2006 NBA Finals MVP

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Basketball is the most popular sport in our country. I was a 10-year-old kid when I had my first love with this sport. I remember when my father watching basketball on TV, I noticed a player named Vergel Meneses of Swift Hotdogs took the spotlight of the First Conference of the 1995 Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) Finals. On that conference, he won the Best Player of the Conference Award and his team bagged the Championship Trophy. Because of my eagerness to play like him, I requested my Father to make me a basketball ring. Then, my father hanged the ring without a board on a tree in our backyard. My addiction in playing basketball started on that day.

My addiction continued way back college years. Back then, I was imitating Michael Jordan’s style of basketball, the way he moved and the way he was holding the ball on shooting form. But on the first Quarter of the year 2006, when I was playing on my College Organization Basketball team, my senior teammate, while sitting on our bench, called me Dwyane Wade. Actually, even it sounded flattering to me, I don’t know who’s Dwyane Wade yet. I have no idea about his skills so I googled Dwyane Wade and watched his games.

Because my basketball standard is quite high and I equated it to Michael Jordan, I was not first fascinated on D-Wade’s basketball moves until he reached the 2006 NBA Finals Series against Dallas Mavericks. I was rooting for Miami Heat to win that series. When they were downed by 0-2 margin, I was disappointed and my Fraternity brother, who was for Dallas Mavericks, started teasing me.  D-Wade, whom they called Flash, uplifted the morale of his team.  During that series, D-Wade’s spectacular moves and clutch plays caught my attention. He helped bring the Heat back from 0-2 deficit and led the team to their first ever NBA championship trophy. He showed to the world his career-defining-basketball-skills on that series. He was named the 2006 NBA Finals MVP for his remarkable talent. Since that memorable comeback, I’m now a die-hard Miami Heat fan and became a loyal fan to Dwyane Wade’s charismatic kind of basketball talent.

After that, the Miami Heat waited six long years just for them to bag their second title. But this time, the New Big 3 Era, composed of D-Wade, Chris Bosh, and LeBron James, carried the team to capture the 2012 Nba Championship Title. They dominated the series to a 4-1 marker against Oklahoma City Thunder. Lebron James’ special talent emerged on that series and was awarded Finals MVP. We all knew that he was physically gifted and talented and that’s why he was called the “King”. Unsurprisingly, I’m not amazed about his performances even though he dominated the series statistically.

D-Wade’s 2006 finals performance is way better to that Lebron’s. I liked how D-Wade answered Stuart Scott’s questions after winning his second NBA Championship:

Stuart Scott: Dwyane, in 2006, you won this thing as a 24-year old. Now as a 30-year old, what’s the difference and what this means to you?

D-Wade: You know, winning the championship in 2006 was amazing, but I didn’t go through nothing yet. Now six years after that, I’ve been through a lot in my personal life, and I’ve been through a lot in my professional life, and this means so much more again.

Stuart Scott: Six years ago, you’re the MVP of the Finals, you’re the clear catalyst of your team. At what point did you realize that you have to defer and give up that role?

D-Wade: Well, you know, we made a decision two years ago to become a team. You know, LeBron, Chris, and myself and other guys decided to come together so you gonna do what you gonna do to make sure that you reach your goal. And I have the position and I have the role to play. It might change a little bit. But in a day, we all have one common goal and that was become a champion.

Stuart Scott: You have done this before. What do you think is the most important thing that you said to your teammates on the way to this championship?

D-Wade: You know what, I think this team, we had so much pain, so much hurt, so much embarrassment from last season, that it was not needed to be said. For the first day, from the Christmas day, we were on a mission. And that mission was not complete until tonight.

D-wade helped the team’s management in bringing the talents of Bosh and James in Miami. Two years ago, he was the big reason in the formation of the New Big 3 Era. His role changed a bit. He made the impossible possible by rebuilding his team to a dynasty. He was the MVP in making this happen.

By remembering his 2006 NBA Finals MVP’s performance, the Flash captured my heart in bringing back again my love to basketball!

My Nokia N73

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He was my bestfriend for more than four years. He was there to comfort me when I needed someone to talk and listen to. If I wanted to be entertained, he was there playing his several songs installed on him. He knew some of my secrets and lies. He held several pictures of mine taken with my other friends, places that i have been to, my family, relatives, etc. He was also a big help to wake me up early in the morning. I also played with him several times. He also helped me gather and deliver information to my friends. Sometimes, he gave me  headache during the signal is off. I can also depend on him during emergency hours. I also shared some of my significant memories to him. During important situations, he allowed me to hold him off or silent just to give way for me to listen from others. He will never ever leave me unless somebody stole him with me, I lost him or he’s dead. I felt incomplete without him. That’s my friend!


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I’m not talking here about things that are used in the dining room, instead, the plates here are that have great influence for all the great bodies out there. I have been using these for almost four years. These are the things used in the gym, a weightlifting gym or bodybuilding gym or whatever they want to call it. If you’re not using it now, consider it using later.

Is there any importance of these plates?

If you are a regular customer to a gym, you will know the benefits of using plates. As time progresses, you will need bigger plates for your bodybuilding program. I consider myself as a gym addict. I make it sure that I’ve went to a gym at least once a week. It is hard to do it first, but you must motivate yourself for you to have great results. I go to gym because I want to have a herculean body but I recognize that there are more benefits aside from the latter one.

I want to share Frank Gigante’s thoughts:

“Workouts are hard. We push our bodies and minds constantly. We get tired and sore. We choose certain foods over others. We take the hard road rather than the easy way out. We hold ourselves accountable to a higher standard. 

Why? There is an intangible drive, desire and motivation to be more than we thought possible, to do what was once unthinkable, and to reach once unimaginable goals. 

It’s not always easy. But dig deep. That fire that burns within us, is always in there, waiting for us to stoke the flames and put in the effort that makes us greater than we were. Find it. Seize that moment and resolve to go a little further today on our journey.”

Some of us think that weight training is only for us to have bigger bodies. Weight training is also important for losing weight, raising your metabolism, strengthening your bones and muscles and improving your fitness. If you want to lose fat or change your body, one of the most important things you can do is lift weights. Diet and cardio are equally important, but when it comes to changing how your body looks, weight training wins hands down.

Running, jogging or cardio will help to burn fats but weight training will help more in developing a sexy body.

Weight Training is now part of my life’s routine. Let it be also yours!


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Hydrography? What? Have you ever heard this word? This question came first to my mind when I was employed as a Commissioned Officer of the Hydrography department (Former Bureau of Coast and Geodetic Surveys) of National Mapping and Resources Information Authority (NAMRIA), the central Mapping Agency of the Philippines. Yes sir! I am a former Commisioned Officer with a rank of Ensign appointed by our former Philippine President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.

To begin with, let’s define first Hydrography. According to International Hydrographic Organization (IHO), Hydrography is the branch of applied sciences which deals with the measurement and description of the features of the seas and coastal areas for the primary purpose of navigation and all other marine purposes and activities, including –inter alia- offshore activities, research, protection of the environment, and prediction services. In Addition, Hydrography, as defined, is the key to progress on all maritime activities, normally of great national economic importance.

The profession who is in charge with hydrography is called Hydrographic Surveyor. To make it simple, Land Surveyor is to land and Hydrographic Surveyor is to oceans. According to IHO, hydrographic surveying deals with the configuration of the bottom and adjacent land areas of oceans, lakes, rivers, harbours, and other water forms on Earth. In strict sense, it is defined merely as the surveying of a water area; however, in modern usage it may include a wide variety of other objectives such as measurements of tides, current, gravity, earth magnetism, and determinations of the physical and chemical properties of water. The principal objective of most hydrographic surveys is to obtain basic data for the compilation of nautical charts with emphasis on the features that may affect safe navigation. Other objectives include acquiring the information necessary for related marine navigational products and for coastal zone management, engineering, and science.

I know that there are words that are too complicated in the definitions. To better understand the importance of Hydrography, here are some videos from Surveying & Spatial Sciences Institute (SSSI) website:


Hydrographic Surveyor is a very exciting and adventurous job. Aside from this thrilling experiences, I have the opportunity to travel to different countries. So this is my job! Now you know.

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